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25NL 6-Max Zoom Poker Session

Manufacturer: Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders

Order number: VE0001


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Product information "25NL 6-Max Zoom Poker Session"

Length: ~120 minutes (initially 60 minutes) | Language: English | Date: July 2014

Content: In this video I comment extensively on a 25NL 6-max Zoom session which I played and recorded in July 2014. Besides analysing all relevant spots in depth and looking for mistakes or alternatives I am also talking about how to approach beating the average regular or recreational player on this Zoom level. I decided to add the extra free hour of content as the first half of the video is a little blurry qualitywise.


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From: God of Mister micro stakes God 2014-12-22 06:13:57

Like it

Its really helpful stuff inside this video, recommend it and .....we want more !!!

ty felix

From: Zoom grinder 2014-11-17 16:48:00

Very Good

The video is a lot different and goes into spots a lot more in depth than the ones you're used to see from xflixx on youtube. Almost everytime that i didn't necessarily agree or understand a sizing that flix used, it was answered by his thought process a few seconds later! He didn't either seem to purposely take a video where he's running like the sun and hitting everything and winning all the big pots, it was just a normal session where you have to make the most +EV decisions in every spot to win money.

From: Mister micro stakes God 2014-07-29 16:01:29

damn awesome

first things first. From -14.99/100 to 6.33
this video is worth at least twice a price.
It covers all you need, from how to approach this limit, play hands, and guidelines of hand analyzing. 10/10
Quick sidenote: I believe this will work better if you are already experienced player

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